Daydreams on Demand

My daydreams often take the form of stories, short or long.  I hope that other people will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. They are for fun, and offer no message, lesson, or moral insight, but are entertainment, pure and simple. Taken as such, I think they afford the reader very good value.  For a pittance, less than a dollar, one may be amused, amazed, cheered and diverted for an hour or a day!

The first set of stories which I’d like to offer tell the tale of a young man as he passes from youth through early manhood.  While he is very well off in a conventional sense, his life isn’t without difficulty, whence the stories. Each story is complete in itself. Together they follow James from the end of childhood to the end of his twenties.

To let the reader sample what’s on offer I’ve included a link to one of these stories which may be read without charge.

.James at the Portal of Perdition

This story is one of a set. The titles of the stories in the set are listed below, together with with the story length. PDF copies are available.

I. “James and the Besetting Curse” (3500 words)

II. “James at the portal of Perdition” (1071 words) free sample

III. “The Life of Artistic Joy” (3170 words)

IV. “The Hazards of Honest Work” (4815 words)

V. “Evening in the Land of the Cannibals” (1972 words)

VI. “Unrecognized Value” (5313 words)

VII. “Finding Proper Assistance” (4067 words)

VIII. “A Merger of Equals” (3745 words)

The complete collection is titled “James – A Work in Progress.” It may be read as a short novel, each story forming a chapter.

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One thought on “Daydreams on Demand

  1. I just read James at the Portal of Perdition. That is hilarious. My mom is just like that and you have exactly captured the experience. Well done, sir! Well done.

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